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Dr. Laia Orphanidis-Georgiadis, Archaeologist

Laia Orphanidis-Georgiadis was born and lives in Athens, Greece. She has studied Archaeology at the University of Athens and made post-graduate studies in Archaeology at the University of Sorbonne I in Paris, where she was nominated Doctor in Prehistoric Archaeology. Her research field is Neolithic Art and Techniques and she is an expert in Neolithic Figurine Art, the morphology of which she studies in view of approaching its interpretation. She has also studied Museology at the Sorbonne I University in Paris as well as at UNESCO.

The interest of Laia Orphanidis for the Neolithic dates back to the time of her post graduate studies in Paris and her PhD thesis concerned the burial customs in Neolithic Greece and Anatolia. The study of burial practices, which were directly related to the ideological and symbolic dimension of the first farmers’ behaviour, led her to a further thorough research on the subject, through the study of Neolithic figurine art.

Laia Orphanidis-Georgiadis is an A Level Researcher at the Academy of Athens Research Centre for Antiquity and Professor at the Department of Mediterranean Studies of the University of the Aegean. She is a Member of the UNESCO and of the Archaeological Society of Athens. She has taken part to many archaeological congresses, she has published various articles in foreign and Greek journals and she is the writer of archaeological monographs.